Training Areas

Language training courses that also include the use of TED Talks to put into practice the business language used in various corporate departments as well as personal communication. With their wide variety of themes derived from authentic language input, they provide stimulating topical content, inviting learners to explore and develop deeper specialist knowledge, critical thinking and presentation skills. The lessons allow learners to convey energy and competence in both professional and personal spheres.


Allows the learner to develop the 4 language skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing) for use in everyday life, to understand the main points of written texts and oral conversations, to produce texts on different topics, to describe events and experiences as well as providing reasons and explanations in the social sphere.


Contains a series of exercises and activities to improve grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and writing in the workplace, in order to develop an understanding of sector-specific grammar and vocabulary, exercise reading skills, learn specific business expressions, develop communication with colleagues, customers and suppliers, handle business situations in an international context, and improve use of the target language in the workplace.


Focuses on cultural and academic aspects, on grammar and practice relating to certifications. It includes various reading and listening activities, sample written texts, grammatical explanations and exercises to support certifications.

Exam Preparation

Allows participants to work on the specific skills they need to take the exam and become familiar with the structure of the exam, in order to take on certifications with greater confidence.


Interpreting and Hostess Service

Exams and Certifications

Linguistic Assesment and Selection of Staff